2019 Greater Mound City Open Results

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 A" Flight - 1st  (49) Enterprize Realty

                  2nd (53) Nauman/Montegomery

                  3rd (54) Liberty Utilities #1

                  4th (54) Kory Miles Team

                  5th (54) Jen's Boys

                  6th (55) David Luna Team

                  7th (55) Lemar/Walker Team


"B" Flight - 1st  (56)  Liberty Utilities #2

                 2nd  (58) Nodaway Valley Bank

                 3rd  (58) Holt County Publishing

                 4th (58) Yocum Services

                 5th (59) Exide Technologies

                 6th (60) Law Office of Brian Tubbs

                 7th (60) United Country Rea Estate

                 8th (60) Northwest Cell (M. Young)

C Flight     1st (61) Northwest Cell (J. Young)

                 2nd (61) Cunningham Farms Team

                 3rd (61) Steeby Team

                 4th (61) American Family Insurance

                 5th (61) Midwest Data

                 6th (61) United Coop

                 7th (61) CBT Jim Jacoby Team

D Flight     1st (63) BASF Glen Davis Team

                 2nd (64) CBT Bev Callow Team

                 3rd (64) Roger Faber Team

                 4th (66) Hiawatha Implement Team

                 5th (67) Community Hospital Team

                 6th (67) Matt Phillips Team

                 7th (70) PC Construction



Thank You To Our Sponsors Listed Below:


23rd Annual Greater Mound City Open Sponsors

Corporate Sponsors:

Liberty Utilities

Northwest Cell


Citizens Bank & Trust

Platinum Sponsors:

MLP Buildings

Ideker, LLC

Roger Faber

Hiawatha Impement

Exide Technologies

Nodaway Valley Bank

Midwest Data

Law Office of Brian Tubbs

Heitman Brothers Farms

Gold Sponsors

Tiffany Care Center

C & M Seed Center

Sur-Gro Plant Food

Fertilizer Services

Bartlett Grain

Rosiers Pioneer

Tee Box Sponsors

Wells Bank

Fertilizer Services

Big Iron Auction

Liechti, Franken, and Young, LLC

United Country Realty

Kurtz Rural Aviation

Pettijohn & Crawford Funeral Services

 Greens Sponsors

Mound City News

MC Truck Repair, LLC

Farmers State Bank

Kay Rosenhohm

Mound City Lumber

Buntz Seeds, LLC

Matt Clifton Insurance

Jayson Johnson Insurance

Greens Mower Donations

Mound City News

Brian Tubbs Law

Chuck Hall

 Other Donations

Mound City Foods

Hiawatha Implement

Jonathan Miller Insurance

Falls City Mercantile

Randy Patterson-United Country Realty

Kay  Messer






































































































































































































































































































































Thank you to Chairmen: Adam Johnson & Chris Krueger

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